One of the minor threads in my novel, Katsuren, concerns the discovery of a rocky structure submerged a few meters off the coast of Yonaguni, in Okinawa. It is darkly fascinating to think about something that once was above the waterline now being submerged. One always asks, Why? How? Isostatic rebound is one answer. Here is what Kevin Hester has to say about isostatic rebound.

Kevin Hester

“One example of where relatively small changes to geological stress can have a big impact on volcanic activity is the Pavlov volcano in Alaska. As McGuire describes, this volcano only erupts during Autumn and Winter. At that time storms ride up into a nearby ocean zone, pushing an average 10cm or 15cm rise in sea level. The added weight of the water is enough to torque the crust and push magma out. Now imagine the kind of extra volcanic activity that could result from 1, 6, or 250 feet of global sea level rise under the raging rate of human-caused warming and you begin to understand the concern.”We have let the Genie out of the bottle, It will never be the same again. 6C will melt most if not the entire ice caps. imagine how much ‘Torgue’ that will put on the plates?
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“Between about…

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